22 February 2011

Last Day in Vienna

Our last day in Vienna came quicker than expected. All those last minute outings never took place because we were so busy packing and saying goodbye to people. There are so many things I hope to see in Vienna someday, but most likely they will have to happen on a vacation someday in the future!!!

Oliver found Daddy's hat and put it on backwards, proudly announcing that he is a "Button Boy"! For those who don't know what a button boy is, Elora has a group of teenage boys from church she loves to chase around trying to take their buttons, and she named them the button boys. Oliver thinks they are pretty cool too.

Our last morning in Vienna I went out to Leiners. It is a furniture store that has a cafe on the top floor with a little playground in it. It is the perfect place to go with friends who have kids. The kids all go play and you can relax and chat with very few interuptions from the busy kids. I met with Rene, one of my closest friends in Vienna to say goodbye. I know we will see her again, she is from Colorado and comes home every summer. We are already making our plans for this year! But it was still hard to say goodbye, I will miss her very much, and Elora and Oliver will miss her kids Grace and Ethan. Grace has been one of Elora's closest friends in Vienna, so we are very happy that we will have the chance to visit them in the years ahead!

Oliver and Grace in the play area!

And finally our last dinner in Vienna. It was time to clean out the fridge so we had a rather random collection of food to eat. Plain spaghetti, bratwurst, rolls with a little ham and cheese, french fries, and frozen green beans (yes, my kids eat them frozen...) After all our food posts with awesome things to eat, this was our final hurrah in Vienna! Then it was time to throw our last few belongings in the bags, and sleep for a couple hours before leaving for the airport at four in the morning... Goodbye Vienna! We love you! We love our friends there! We love the experiences we have had! Now on to new adventures back in America. We are going to have to have a new name for our blog...

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