02 February 2011

Gingerbread House

Our friend Brooke gave us a gingerbread house kit at Christmas time, but we never got around to making it until recently! We did not have all the right ingredients to make frosting, but the box said that you can melt sugar to glue the house together.

It was kind of tricky to use, but it works really well for keeping the house together, because melted sugar turns into a caramel syrup that really hardens! The strings of sugar between the pan and house kept hardening into little crackly strings. It was an interesting learning experience.

I had Elora mix powdered sugar and water for the make-shift frosting to stick the candy on the house since I didn't really want the kids near the super duper hot melted sugar syrup...

Oliver kept dropping the candy down the chimney instead of putting it on the house.

And here he is saying, "Pleeeeeaaaase!" which is his way of asking if he can eat all the candy instead of decorating with it.

Elora decorating and Oliver eating. Everyone is happy!

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