01 February 2011

Chris' Big 3-0

Chris had his 30th birthday about a week ago, so of course we had to have a party. I asked if he wanted to go out, and instead said he wanted BBQ pork sandwiches. Two weeks away from moving home to America, and we had a party with the best American food we could make with Austrian ingredients!

We made homemade root beer, french fries, pork with Chris' homemade BBQ sauce, and our friend Brooke made seven layer dip with tortilla chips.

More pictures of the food, because of course that is the most important part of a party.

Mmmm... tasty sandwiches.

Ria watched Marion most of the night, and Ed helped Elora with her ABC coloring book.

Cake time! We didn't have any birthday candles, but I figured each huge candle could count for ten little ones. We made frosting out of topfen, cream cheese, and powdered sugar that we had to grind up in the food processor because it was so chunky... but it tasted really good. Oliver helped blow out the candles, and I love that Krista looks anxious about the candle blowing out process.

Elora kept stealing the chocolate off the top. She kept asking for more cake, but she wasn't even eating the cake - she just ate the frosting and chocolate. Nice.

The birthday boy got an extra huge piece of cake. Our last birthday in Austria! The kids will each get to celebrate at different grandparents' homes over the next few months. It was a nice excuse to have a bunch of people over before we head back to the USA. And it was fun to welcome Chris to the 30s!

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