20 February 2011

Cafe Schwarzenberg

Still a little more back blogging from our last couple weeks. We met one of Chris' MBA friends and went to the Cafe Schwarzenburg. We were supposed to be going to a Chocolate Festival, but the place where the festival was supposed to take place was all locked up. Apparently they changed the place or time and forgot to update their website. Luckily, it was right by this cafe Karen heard was good.

Elora, as you can tell, is always thrilled to sip hot chocolate in fancy cafes.

Here's Serban and his wife Edith from Romania. They had never tried Kaiserschmarrn so we insisted they order it.

We got the Topfenstudel with vanille cream sauce and preiselbeeren (sort of like cranberries). Yum, yum yum.

One of the nice things about this cafe is the waiters brought out little puzzles for the kids to play with. Oliver and Elora were very excited.

It was nice because we could actually stay and chat and enjoy our very last, long European-style cafe experience. Now we're back in America and get the check shoved at us after we set down our fork!

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