09 February 2011

KHM Art Museum - Back blogging

Well... we've already left Vienna, but we still have more Vienna stuff to put online!
Our friend Jahangir is a painter, so we thought he would like to see the Kunsthistorisches Museum with us. This is also our first trip to the museum with all three children...

The Christmas tree was still up, so Elora had to pose in front of it while showing off her backpack she got for Christmas.

Egyptian religious art is always so interesting. It often wasn't art for beauty's sake, but rather to document/record religious ordinances. He we see various figures making symbolic gestures with their hands and arms.

There were some new exhibits in the museum. Oliver liked running in a circle around this statue. Luckily it was up on a high pedestal so it was never in any danger...

Marion always sleeps when we are out (YAY!)

These relief sculptures carved from marble are amazing.

I love this painting of the Schonbrunn because it still looks exactly the same even though this is a really old painting. There is a whole series of paintings of Vienna in the painting gallery and I think it is amazing how much Vienna hasn't changed. It is strange to realize how old so many of our favorite landmarks are.

This painting of St. Margaret has always been interesting to me. Oliver was sad because he wanted to know why the snake was sad.

Baby Marion woke up! It's actually pretty fun carrying this little cutie around the museum.

It's been a couple months since we were here, so Elora and Oliver forgot about a lot of the beautiful architecture. Living in a place like Vienna, we get kind of saturated with ornate baroque buildings so we often have to remind ourselves to stop and look around!

What an amazing design.

The sun lined up perfectly for this shot. If only we were surrounded by snakes and had some kind of staff, we'd figure out with the ark of the covenent was buried in Vienna!

Here is our good friend Jahangir. He really loved the museum as he is an artist. It was a little sad because he brought his new camera with him, but forgot to charge the battery! So we let me carry our camera around and emailed him all the pictures he took when we got home.

As it turns out, this was our last visit to the KHM, and what better way to experience it than with our 3 little kids and one of our friends in Vienna. It's very sad that we won't be able to take the kids here anymore. They both loved running around looking at all the paintings and statues. But we will be forever greatful we got to experience many of the beautiful historical pieces of art as a family and with our friends!

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