10 January 2011

Vienna Snow Igloo

A couple weeks ago when we were house-sitting, it snowed. Out in the 19th district we got about 2 feet of snow even though the city center only had about 6 inches...

So Chris built an igloo in the backyard. It was a two-three day process of shoveling, packing, freezing, spraying with water, digging, more shoveling... I kept thinking it was going to collapse on Chris' head. I think he did too, because he would hop out every five minutes or so while digging out the inside.

But we ended up with an awesome "snow castle" almost as tall as Chris, that could fit six people inside!

It even had some windows. The kids LOVED it, of course!

Marion wasn't so sure about the whole thing.

There was plenty of room to sit comfortably inside, although the door was small so we had to shimmy in on our bellies. Meaning we got very cold and wet since we didn't have snow pants. It was a bit easier for the kids to get in and out.

Skye kept trying to climb in through the windows, which Oliver didn't like since he was trying to pop his head out to enjoy the view.

Yay! No puppy in the way, and Oliver seriously sat in this spot for about a half hour, smiling for pictures and occasionally eating pieces of the igloo (which we discouraged since we didn't want it to collapse...)

Ollie came out to help shovel snow. I hope he keeps thinking snow shoveling is a fun game since his future probably holds a lot more of it!

Beautiful snowy yard!

One kid looking out each window. Luckily there were two, because they kept fighting over who got to look outside until we accidentally poked another hole in the igloo...

And one more Ollie in the window pic. We had such an awesome time. I hope we get to have some igloo building days when we live in Utah too!

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  1. I'm amazed at your building abilities. This is awesome. I want one.


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