22 January 2011

Sugar Cookies

Ever wonder what happens to Austrian powdered sugar in a humid house? Yeah, me neither. But now that you are wondering, it turns into rocks of powdered sugar. Literally. The whole rectangle box of sugar turned into a hard block. This is how it looked after we spent some time crushing it up. They don't put cornstarch in the sugar to keep it powdery, so it gets chunky really fast with all the moisture in the air...

To get the sugar fine enough to make frosting, Chris ground it with a fork, then poured some into my mesh strainer, where I stirred it and mashed it with a spoon until it was fine enough to sift through the mesh. Yes, this was a long process and we probably should have paid the 65 cents to buy a new box of sugar, but the store was closed and Elora wanted to frost her cookies.

In case you are wondering, yes the sugar was still a little chunky, but luckily it was good enough for the frosting (which is always chunky since we broke our mixer and have to try and beat the frosting by hand, which for some reason never works that well...) And look how pleased Elora is to be decorating her little gingerbread men cookies! Totally worth the effort to hand grind the sugar.

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