19 January 2011

Plachutta - Great Restaurent in Vienna

Plachutta is one of our favorite places to eat. It's expensive though, so we've only been once before. But we wanted to make sure Nana and Grampy got to experience a nice restaurent in Vienna since they eat out all the time back home. Here we are looking all pale and sickly. We were all pretty sick... but not too sick to enjoy good food (thankfully)

Elora was really excited to go to a "fancy restaurent".

Here's Karen, who never looks sick when there's food to be eaten. Notice Oliver's dinner.. also his backpack off to the side, which he takes with him everywhere. The food experience is what used to be traditional Viennese cuisine, before all the restaurent critics bashed Viennese food for being too heavy and filling. Fortunately, Plachutta is sticking with their roots. Heavy, hearty food. The speciality is this boiled beef arrangement with a few different side orders. Boiled beef sounds really nasty, but it's cooked in this awesome beef broth and the meat just melts in your mouth. Really good stuff, and the experience of having lots of dishes in front of you is neat as well.

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