04 February 2011

Om's Baptism

We first met Om when Elder Vail, a mormon missionary, brought him to our house for a kebab party. Then a few weeks later Elder Bailey invited me to go help teach Om about our church. That day I met Sarita. A year and a half and at least 15 missionaries later, Sarita was baptized at the end of November. We have become good friends in that time, and it was exciting to be part of this special day.

Sarita asked Chris if we would be the one to baptize her. It was a very special day. There is a lot that could be written about the day and feelings, but it's too personal.

A couple months later Om was ready for his turn! Here he is with Elora who absolutely loves him. Om is great with our kids and pretends he is a scary monster or an elephant. Elora has a great time whenever he is around.

Baby Marion got to know Om a bit too. She's a good smiler and was all smiles and giggles for her Nepalese uncle.

Again, at Om's baptism there were some wonderful spiritual experiences that really are too person to put up in public here. Everyone was overwhelmed with emotion.

Both Om and Sarita have become part of our family now, which makes it all that much harder to leave Vienna. We feel very blessed to have gotten to know them over the last 18 months. Hopefully someday we can all meet in Nepal for some Momo!

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