27 January 2011

Kuhtai Skiing & Race Day - Day 4

Here's a video of Elora's ski race, and a glimpse of Ollie learning to ski, and making some great progress - set to some nice music.

Oliver said he wanted to go back to ski school, so we let him try it out. He could actually make a pizza and ski down all by himself this time!

So cute, I love watching little kids ski. He looks so proud of himself.

Thursday was the race day, so Elora really wanted to go back to ski school so she could race.

Here she is attempting to go around the flags. She wasn't sure where to turn, so she turned the wrong way around most of them, but it was still fun to cheer for her on her race day! The best part was that she wanted to stop right at the finish flag, so she slowed way down, and the teacher at the finish had to push her across the finish line! Whoops, guess we should have practiced with her a few times, or at least had her watch a couple ski races beforehand.

Baby Marion even came out to watch, but I think she may have missed most of the race...

Oliver still was not too impressed with ski school, so he came back to ski with Mommy and Daddy.

He really liked the "Magic Carpet" which takes you uphill without making you walk with skis on. He cried whenever I took him off of it before he reached the top.

Here is Elora skiing with her class. I am impressed that she can ski that close to the other kids without hitting anyone!

Before the medal ceremony, all the kids posed for a picture.

Oliver was really excited by the music at the awards ceremony.

Elora got fourth place. She is so excited about her new ski medal.

She told me she is going to pack it in her backpack when we move back to Utah. She sleeps with it next to her bed.

That afternoon Chris hung out with the kids so that I could go up the cable car with Sarita. Here she is on top of the big mountain! 2445 Meters above sea level.

Posing next to the KaiserBahn cable car.

We asked a very enthusiastic skier to take our photo.

Enjoying the view on the way down. It was still a bit cloudy and snowy (and really cold!) but the views were still nice.

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