25 January 2011

Kuhtai: Last Ski Trip - Day 1 & 2

Last week we went on our final Austrian ski trip (at least for awhile...) We decided to head back to Kuhtai, which was our favorite place last year. They had a good ski school, it was easy to get everywhere, and the skiing was pretty nice. This year we brought our friend Sarita with us to help with Marion so that Chris and I could ski together sometimes.

Marion on her first big train ride. She was no problem at all, she slept most of the time and was happy the rest of the time.

We went to dinner the night we arrived since the shops were all closed. Sarita made some awesome hats for herself and Elora out of the napkins.

Chris ordered the meat wagon, which turned out to actually be a wagon full of meat. I am not sure what he was expecting, but he was quite surprised to see the big wagon on a tray when it arrived at the table.

Sarita got venison, which was served with purple cabbage, berries, and cream. That seemed like a really bizarre combination, but it was actually really good. Sarita said that she especially liked the cabbage.

I ordered spaetzle with cheese, mushrooms, and pork - and it was totally awesome. I love that this restaurant serves all their food in skillets so that the food stays hot.

Day 1 - ski school time! Elora had to ski a little so the instructors could decide which class she should be in. She ended up in a class that was going to actually ski on the mountain, and her teacher said she was the best in the class!

Oliver tried out the bambini class. As you can see, he wasn't too sure about the whole thing.

Chris an I headed off to ski. It was super warm the first couple days - I wish I had brought a lighter coat to wear, the weather was beautiful (although there was not a ton of snow... but the skiing was still okay).

And the views were incredible with the brilliant blue skies.

We decided to take Oliver out in the afternoon. He wasn't really enjoying his ski school and the instructor said that he really needed private instruction since he didn't want to talk to anyone or walk up the carpet without help. So he ended up with Daddy as a private instructor, and he had a great time!

He started learning how to make a pizza, and could go short distances by himself.

Yes, he is falling, but it sort of looks like he is makig an awesome turn or something. He got back up and right back to skiing. He loves to be on his skis. By the time the day ended his little legs were shaking, but he still wanted to ski.

Elora told us that ski school was a little scary because they took her on the steep parts of the mountain. Her teacher said she did great, but Elora said it wasn't fun. Chris and I agreed that we really wanted the kids to have a good time, so we pulled Elora out of ski school too and took her skiing with us the rest of the week. She loves to ski and we didn't want her to start feeling scared or unhappy. She does a really great job skiing and is even good enough now to go on some long runs with us.

We headed up the cable car to look around. Oliver loves cable cars and wanted to ride it up and down.

Here we are at the top of the mountain!

The happy skiing kidlets.

Chris skied down while I rode back down with the kids. We had fun looking for daddy on the slopes as we rode the cable car down.

On the tow bar - Elora was looking at the tow bar and said, "Why is it called a tow bar instead of a tow hammer?"

Chris told me that I no longer look like a lime green jellyfish when I ski. I sort of look like I know what I am doing. It only took 5 weeks of ski school over the past two years...

Here is the view of the town from one of the ski runs. This is a nice little town for skiing, we have enjoyed both of our trips here. And lucky for us it is at a high altitude... it was so warm that no other town in the area even had snow.


  1. Hi, Looks like you all had a fantastic time in Kuhtai, Astria. Am planning to go there with children (aged 10 and 7) and after looking at your pictures feel reassured that they will be ok at this resort. It is their first time skiing and I was worried about Kuhtai being small and lack of blue runs. After looking on here am now very excited. Thanks :)

    1. I hope you had a great trip! We enjoyed bringing our children here. It is a small resort, but there were plenty of places our kids could ski.


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