20 January 2011

Fun at the Christensen's House

The Christensen's (the people we were house-sitting for) have tons of really neat toys, so the kids had a great time staying at their house with lots of neat new thing to play with. The favorite is the big dollhouse. Oliver and Elora both love playing with this house, Oliver's favorite being the little baby that he put inside the cradle and then put it in the cupboard under the stairs...

They also had two boxes of Jenga blocks. Instead of playing the game, the kids just liked building with the blocks. Elora really wanted to build a tower with all the blocks to see how tall it would be. She was so proud of her super tall tower! (It took a few tries to keep Oliver or the dog from knocking it over...)

Next it was time to "smash it, crash it, build it again!" Oliver says this whenever he knocks things down, it is from the book Junkyard Fort, a favorite in our house. It was so fun to have somewhere new to play for a few weeks!

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