12 January 2011

Elora's Christmas Party

After building our igloo, Elora really wanted to have a Christmas party inside her "snow castle". So we invited over our friends who live across the street, put rugs down inside the igloo, cooked tons of food, and let the party begin!

It was actually a really cold day. The kids all started out inside the igloo. You can't see everyone, but there are two adults and six kids plus baby Marion all inside the igloo. Not very spacious with all those people inside... but it was still a fun party idea.

Skye kept trying to run inside the igloo to steal the hot dogs.

It was getting a bit crowded and cold inside the igloo, so we headed inside to finish the "Christmas Feast". I love when Elora plans things, she gets so excited about parties. We had a feast of hot dogs, french fries, muffins shaped like christmas trees, snowmen, and stockings, and some clementines.

Next it was time to make some Christmas cookies! We got out the Vanilla Kipferl dough, and rolled it out instead of making it into the traditional moon shape. Elora and Oliver have a book about a girl who makes star shaped cookies, so they were especially excited to use their star cookie cutter.

Ollie making some star cookies. Then he got bored and started eating the dough.

Elora very pleased with herself after cutting out her first cookie.

And Charlotte is just about the cutest little girl ever. It is fun to watch her trying out all the activities with the bigger kids.

Here is Ellie and Zach working on their dough. It is funny because Elora is the one who was really excited about cookies, but after awhile she got bored and started eating dough while Ellie and Zach kept right on working with the dough for quite awhile!

Chris sampled the cookies and after deciding they were pretty good, shared them with the kids as well!

Marion woke up for about twenty minutes of the party... The kids all had a great time and we are so glad we got to stay near the Mitchell Family for a couple weeks so the kids could play a few times. Elora and Oliver absolutely love the Mitchells and asked to go to their house every single day! So we are glad we could enjoy sharing Elora's special Christmas Party with them.

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