25 January 2011

Elora Goober

Elora is a very unique little girl... we have quite a few interesting moments with her in the house, so we are posting just a couple.

She likes to be "Fancy" so here she is all dressed up for a fun day of playing with Dirty Teddy (it may have been his birthday, he has about two birthdays a week).

Before Christmas I had not quite finished Marion's stocking (I didn't actually finish it until Christmas Eve...) so Elora very nicely put a pair of her socks on the Christmas tree so that Marion would have a stocking.

We borrowed a friend's car that has a tape deck. Elora was sad to get out of the car one day because she wanted to hear the rest of the song, so we tried to explain that when you have a tape it stops playing when the car stops and then picks up again right where you left off. The next time we were getting out of the car, just before we turned off the music Elora said, "Stick it!" to which I replied, "Stick what?" Elora said, "Stick the tape so it stays right there and starts again when we ride next time!"

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