08 January 2011

Christmas Momo Party (part 2)

Sarita and Om came over to help us prepare our Christmas Momo Feast! Here is Sarita opening her gift.

We put together some pictures of every momo party we have ever had, and some other fun times we have had together. We will be moving away soon, but we wanted Sarita to know we have loved all our awesome times together this past year.

Oliver helped Om open his gift, while Elora decorated the tree with more ribbon.

Om with his very first suit! He is going to look so dashing.

Elora picked out the ties, so of course they are purple. She was so excited to pick out ties for Om, and spent quite some time making sure she got just the right ones.

Om with a whole lot of momo meat...

Here is the momo prep crew for round 1. We had our friends who lived a few houses down come over with their five kids, so we had extra help! Here is Nana, Leah, Luka, Braden, Sarita, Karen, and Om.

Oliver came over to ask if he could eat some dough. That is the only part of momo that he likes.

Om insists that momo tastes better if you are cold. So Luka, Chris, and Charles decided to try out the theory. Chris says he doesn't think it makes a difference...

After inhaling round 1, we went back to prep round 2! There was a whole lot of momo...

Elora and Ollie had a good time chasing each other around and playing with everyone since they opted out of eating.

Since the tree was already pretty fancy, Elora decided to start decorating people with the ribbons. We think Om looked pretty fancy. Elora was so excited to help accessorize everyone.

Later on our friends from Brazil came over. The momo feast started at lunch time, but lasted all afternoon and into dinner time. Here is Theo and Oliver playing the piano for us.

Elora decorated herself and then started dancing for everyone.

She loves to dance and play, it is so cute!

And she also enjoyed hitting Victoria with wrapping paper...

Here is our awesome little tree. We have bought enough ornaments over the years for a big tree, but we still keep cramming them on our tiny tree since we couldn't afford to buy a big one. The trees here are so pricey... looking forward to Walmart at Christmastime next year!

By the end of the day, here is what remained of the momo party group: Sarita, Om, Oliver, Chris, Elora, Karen, Marion, Andrea, Theo, Everton. The Karony family with their 5-7 extra mouths to feed had already left. It was awesome to share our Christmas day with so many wonderful friends. We have had a great time here, and have so many people who have become our family while we are all so far from home. I am more grateful than I can possibly express for our experiences here and all the amazing new friendships we have started.

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