29 January 2011

Heidi and Marco's Wedding

Our friends Heidi and Marco got married a couple weeks ago and we went to their wedding banquet. And banquet it was! It was quite the party, we were there from 5:30 to 10:30 and the party was still going strong... Heidi is the kids' favorite person in the world, so they were excited to see her on her special day.

Here is the beautiful couple! When we first moved here we always thought they would make such a great couple, a year later they started dating, and now here they are! We are so excited for them.

Jewel and Elora were very excited to see Heidi and Marco just before they made their entrance. Elora especially liked the fancy flowers!

Toasting the happy couple. There were sooooo many people there, it was amazing.

The bride and groom laughing as Tibor gives his speech. My favorite part was when Tibor said Heidi is like a ray of sunshine and everybody knows it. Too true.

Here is the head of the pig we ate. It was really tasty.

Om and Sarita with Marion. They spend as much time holding her as possible!

I didn't even see Marion for the first couple hours, so many people were excited to hold her!

Oliver went to hang out with Krista. When he found out that she liked the wasabi peanuts in the snack mix (and he does not!) he picked out every single wasabi peanut from every bowl he could find to share with her.

All the little girls loved throwing the flower petals out of little Sarah's basket. This kept them busy and happy for a good twenty minutes!

Elora and Oliver with the beautiful bride!

Oliver went to the head table to hang out with Heidi and Marco. I felt very nervous with Oliver so close to all those wedding cakes.

Oliver and Jasper liked checking out the DJ's equipment.

Oliver went to sit with Heidi and Marco - good thing the maid of honor didn't want to sit in her seat much, Oliver stayed with Heidi long enough for me to go get food and eat most of it.

We think Oliver has a little crush on Heidi, he kept trying to steal her attention away from Marco.

I don't envy the boys who got to carry the wedding cakes back and forth during the evening...

Oliver and our friend Mary Ann. He is all about the pretty ladies! And they all love him too, how can they help it?

Elora and Charlie stayed occupied for awhile with a variety of games... Here is Charlie watching Elora as she tries to figure this out. Elora still says she is going to marry Charlie when she grows up!

Elora and Daddy hanging out.

Elora went to find all of her "Castle Boys". We don't know why she calls them that, they used to be her "Take Your Button Boys" because she would pretend to take the buttons off their coats, but now she has a new game that apparently has something to do with castles. I love all these boys for being so patient with our crazy little girl. Chris told Abel he can't get married for about 15 years because he needs to wait for Elora...

Here she is with Alfin, these boys are so sweet and quite the favorite with many of the kids!

Heidi throwing the bouquet! I told Sarita she had to go try to catch it...

And she caught it! My favorite part of this picture is Om's face... I don't think Sarita was familiar with this tradition so we were explaining that she is supposed to be the next to get married! We hope she is.

There was dancing, which all the kids loved! And I love the way Oliver hold his overall straps. Ha ha, he is ready to live in the country.

Here is Oliver's first dance with a girl - he had a great time dancing with Jewel.

All the kids loved the pretty colored lights. It was so fun to watch the kids dancing together.

Late night train station on the way home. Elora enjoyed rolling around the bag Sarita had with her while the boys all kicked back waiting for the train. We had such a great time, I can't believe the kids were so good for sooooo long!

28 January 2011

Kuhtai Skiing & Hutte Eating - Day 5

And here is our final ski video. This time it's Chris & Karen rocking out. Some really epic ski film action, with the best soundtrack. Make sure you check it out!

On our last day of skiing, the sun came out and the kids said they wanted to ski at their favorite tow bar. It was REALLY cold, -12 degrees Celsius, so the kids got to sport face masks for their last day of skiing. There was some powder over the top of the groomed snow, and Oliver started giggling every time he skied over the powder. Maybe it tickled his feet?

We went over to the cable car, and the kids sang primary songs the whole way up. Oliver always looks so happy when he is singing!

We skied down from the top of the mountain with both the kids. Oliver skied a bit by himself on the easier parts of the run. Look at him go!

He looks a little cold... we decided to stop at the Hutte (little restaurants out on the ski slopes) so the kids could warm up and have a little break. And because they are definately my favorite part of skiing in Europe.

Hot chocolate all around! The kids were excited about all the whipped cream. I shared with Elora, and Oliver was supposed to share with Chris, but every time Chris took a sip Oliver would say, "That's enough Daddy!" and take the cup back.

We discovered the trick to keeping the kids happy while in a restaurant. Give them a big glass of hot chocolate and a little spoon. It takes them forever to finish, which gives everyone else a chance to relax!

We ordered some Kaiserschmarrn, everyone's favorite Hutte food! I guess Elora was really hungry though, because when it came she said, "Is that it?" We reassured her that this was just a snack and we would be skiing back to the apartment for lunch soon.

They have these funny sunning chairs at the Huttes. They are actually really nice to sit in when it is sunny, but it had started snowing so no one else was outside sitting in them.

Here we are just about to ski down the final run. It is a big bowl shaped run, and when Chris said to Elora, "Look, we are inside a big bowl!" Elora responded, "Is someone going to eat us?"

I can remember being scared of this run last year when I was learning to ski, but Elora did a great job and chatted with me the whole way down as she skied.

We had a great time skiing with the kids and they didn't want to end their day! They asked to ride the chair lift on the bunny slope a couple times before they were finished for the day. We are so glad they had a good time and that we could enjoy one last ski hurrah before heading back to the states. Now it is snowing in Vienna and the kids ask to go skiing every day! Unfortunately there is not enough snow for that... hopefully we will get to see some snow back in Utah before the season is over!

27 January 2011

Kuhtai Skiing & Race Day - Day 4

Here's a video of Elora's ski race, and a glimpse of Ollie learning to ski, and making some great progress - set to some nice music.

Oliver said he wanted to go back to ski school, so we let him try it out. He could actually make a pizza and ski down all by himself this time!

So cute, I love watching little kids ski. He looks so proud of himself.

Thursday was the race day, so Elora really wanted to go back to ski school so she could race.

Here she is attempting to go around the flags. She wasn't sure where to turn, so she turned the wrong way around most of them, but it was still fun to cheer for her on her race day! The best part was that she wanted to stop right at the finish flag, so she slowed way down, and the teacher at the finish had to push her across the finish line! Whoops, guess we should have practiced with her a few times, or at least had her watch a couple ski races beforehand.

Baby Marion even came out to watch, but I think she may have missed most of the race...

Oliver still was not too impressed with ski school, so he came back to ski with Mommy and Daddy.

He really liked the "Magic Carpet" which takes you uphill without making you walk with skis on. He cried whenever I took him off of it before he reached the top.

Here is Elora skiing with her class. I am impressed that she can ski that close to the other kids without hitting anyone!

Before the medal ceremony, all the kids posed for a picture.

Oliver was really excited by the music at the awards ceremony.

Elora got fourth place. She is so excited about her new ski medal.

She told me she is going to pack it in her backpack when we move back to Utah. She sleeps with it next to her bed.

That afternoon Chris hung out with the kids so that I could go up the cable car with Sarita. Here she is on top of the big mountain! 2445 Meters above sea level.

Posing next to the KaiserBahn cable car.

We asked a very enthusiastic skier to take our photo.

Enjoying the view on the way down. It was still a bit cloudy and snowy (and really cold!) but the views were still nice.