31 December 2010

Vienna Church Christmas Party

So we're stilling running way behind on blog posts.... Here's the church Christmas party. Elora was excited to fix up the Christmas tree in the entryway. She enjoys rearranging decorations.

Here's Elora and Ellie. When I offered to get Elora a plate of food, she said she had already gotten some. It consisted entirely of cookies. I told her she needed to get something healthy too. She replied, "Don't worry Mom, I can just have a healthy drink" and pointed to the punch.

Here's Oliver hanging out with the missionaries.

Elora was almost as excited as Daddy to hear that Santa was coming soon!

Elora is such a sweetie. Sort of... She enjoys running around with all the older boys beating on them. She used to call them her "Take Your Button Boys", which just got shortened to "Button Boys" because she pretended to grab the buttons off their shirts or coats. And now she calls them "Castle Boys". We're not sure why, but she does say she's going to build a castle some day on the beach in Hawaii, so maybe they'll be her man servants...

Super Moms! Here's Karen and Brooke.

Elora and her best friend Christine who works at McDonalds and gives her the Happy Meal toy hook-up.

And finally Santa arrived!

Santa asked Elora what she wanted for Christmas and she asked for chocolate. Luckily it's easy to grant her wishes.

Elora and her other friend named Christine checking out their pile of goodies. Elora looked in the bag and said, "There's oranges!" (thanks treat-bag organizers!)

It's funny that Oliver who is normally very shy has no problem walking up to Santa because he knows he is about to get candy. He is such a candy-fiend.

I know what Ollie is thinking right now... "Ok, ok, I'll sit here and smile, but only because I know I'm getting one of those bags..."

All 3 of the kids are saying, "Treeeeeeeeat!" in this picture. These are two of Ollie's favorite girls and they are sisters - Charlotte and Ellie.

And finally, little Marion! She's growing up pretty quick. And fortunately she likes to sleep a lot!

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