20 December 2010

Temple Trip

You've heard of the Last Temptation of Christ? What about the Last Temptation of the Follower of Christ? Temple in one direction, cigarette machine in the other. Whatcha gonna do? Actually, adding further coolness to the dirty old cigarette vending machine is the fact that you have to swipe your passport or national ID card through it to verify your age!

The first day we were in Friedrichsdorf there was leftover snow from the day before. Not much snow, but enough to make snowballs!

So we had a goober snowball fight. The kids (and adults) had a good time playing in the snow.

Oliver with his pink cheeks after eating lots of snow.

We haven't built a snowman in Vienna even though we have tons of snow, so we decided to try one out on the temple grounds. There really wasn't enough snow, so the snowman had lots of mud and gravel on it.

The kids helped roll a big ball for the snowman's head.

Elora got bored and went back to throwing snowballs at the trees, but Oliver kept patting snow on the dirty snowman's head.

The kids helped put him together, and found sticks for his arms...

And here he is! Dirty the Snowman.

We found another snowman near our apartment that someone had made the day before. Elora liked his shrunken head, Oliver was excited about the carrot. I think he wanted to steal it so he could have a snack.

The apartment we stayed in had very few other people, so even in the shared kitchen it was like cooking in luxury compared with our tiny kitchen at home! There is even a dishwasher!

And we got to sleep in bunkbeds. Here are the kids hanging out watching a movie before going to bed. They both really liked the bunkbeds and ladders everywhere.

The toilet paper in the apartment was quite rough... not quite Charmin quality. After using it, Elora said, "This toilet paper is crispy, I don't think it was made from leaves, I think it was made from tree bark or something!"

Ollie liked looking at the Christmas lights outside. Whenever he sees Christmas lights he yells out, "Christmas Tree!!!"

Here is Marion hanging out in the kitchen while we cooked dinner. I love bringing the kids to the temple. We all get to hang out together in a peaceful beautiful place. And the kids are so excited to come. There was one other family staying in our building that had kids also. It was fun to get to know them during the week.

We invited everyone from our ward who came on the trip over for dinner one night. We love our church family! We have made so many great friends here, we will miss them when we go back to Utah. From left to right (back): Grandma Carol, Ria, Chris, Marion, Karen, Elora, Marco, Heidi (who Oliver absolutely loves!), Hilda, and in front: Mary Ann, Mirafe, and Valquira. When we told Oliver that Heidi was coming on the temple trip he asked every single day if she was there yet and when he could see her. So cute. Our kids also love our church family, and we are so grateful to everyone we have met who have helped our kids feel at home here.

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