10 December 2010

Rathaus and Freyung Christmas Markets

We have had a great time with Grandma visiting the past few weeks. When she was first here we took her to a couple of Christmas markets to show off how great Vienna is in winter as well as summer, and so she could Christmas shop! Here we are at the Freyung market.

Here are some different varieties of cheese available at the market. Chris is fascinated by all the weird cheeses here, but settled for buying some bread instead of making us all try weird smelly cheeses.

Oliver and Elora were excited to pose next to Baby Jesus.

They always have baskets at this market, and this year we were a fan of the creative basket tractor that was for sale.

Whenever we see churches Oliver asks to go inside. He is fascinated by church bells, and by extension, churches. This is a church right next to the Freyung market. You can only stand in the entry way and take pictures through a huge metal gate, but it was nice to get inside out of the cold...

Next we walked over to the Rathaus for the biggest market in Vienna. This one is too big to see everything with small children, especially when they are only interested in cotton candy... but it is a beautiful area of Vienna.

And here's the family! Elora and Oliver were so cute walking around holding hands. Elora was excited to show Oliver all the neat treasures at the market. Marion hung out in the stroller under the plastic bubble.

Big hugs! (and cotton candy for sale)

Elora showing Oliver the ornaments.

Elora in front of the witch's gingerbread house. She excitedly talked to us about Hansel and Gretel the rest of the day!

Bakery treats. I think since it is our third Christmas here we only go to the markets for the food...

Fresh Langos with lots of Knoblauch! These are soooo good.

Grandma trying her first Punsch.

Elora wanted me to take her picture in front of multiple pretty places in the market.

And one by the little fence too.

Oliver trying his first Kinderpunsch, and he surprisingly liked it. He is usually not so daring with trying new things, but he tasted this and said, "Mmm, strawberries!" I think it was actually raspberries and currents, but I'm glad he liked it.

The kids amused themselves by making Daddy run up and down the street while Grandma and I chugged along behind with the stroller. I can't believe how tired all the walking made me...

And here is the group enjoying their pastries in the train station! We're glad we could take Grandma to some of our favorite spots in Vienna. This was just before all the snow hit, so it was still sort of nice outside.

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