15 December 2010

Goose Dinner

Every November is goose season in Vienna. Chris' MBA class got together for a goose dinner at a restaurant here in Vienna. Since Grandma was visiting, she agreed to watch the kids, and we headed out to dinner!

It was snowing a ton and Chris wanted a picture of us in the snow... after we took the pic, we noticed the interesting background we captured instead of the snow filled street.

Here is Karen trying out Gans Suppe - goose soup. Which was really tasty with a little dumpling in it.

The MBA crowd. There were a few who decided not to brave the snow storm and didn't come. But those who were there had a great time eating tons of food.

Here is the spread with goose, Knoedel (sort of like dumplings), Preislbeeren (which are like cranberries only smaller), and two types of sauerkraut, which I found surprisingly tasty and when I said as much, I was informed that it is not sauerkraut, but susskraut (meaning sweet cabbage instead of sour cabbage... hmm, I have never heard of susskraut, but I liked it.)

After three hours at dinner, we had to be the lame first ones to leave... life with kids! It is strange how in Europe you can spend three hours in a restaurant and still be the first ones to go home.

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