16 December 2010

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Time for Christmas decorations! I love this time of year and always decorate as soon as I can convince myself it looks like winter. This year it was shortly after Halloween... So these pics are old, but more seasonal now then when they were taken!

Oliver helping light the candles on the Christmas pyramid. He loves fire and was so happy to help.

As you can see Elora is afraid of fire and not so excited to help. In her defense she developed a healthy fear of fire by almost setting a restaurant on fire while dangling her napkin inside a glass jar with candles in it... Nana also looks a bit nervous here. Maybe she doesn't like fire either.

Elora LOVES decorating the tree. So the tree ended up with lots of low-hanging ornaments this year.

Posing like a goober with the flaming Christmas tree of death. Yes, it has candles with real fire on it!

Ollie and Daddy hanging out on the couch while Elora finishes the decorating.

Oliver got to blow out the candles. If we would let him, he would light candles and blow them out again all day long! He blows through his teeth, so he gets a cut little smile while he blows the candles out. We are so excited for Christmas time! We have been listening to Christmas songs, and the kids are getting really good at singing along to all of them. with the tree up and tons of snow outside, it is definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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