30 December 2010

Cobenzl Petting Zoo Christmast Market

So we're currently house/pet sitting for some friends. And their house is near a petting zoo, which was holding a small Christmas market, so we decided to go a couple days before Christmas -- yes, there's a huge post backlog! The booths were mostly fresh cheeses and jams and meats. So the kids got bored and wanted to go straight to the animals. The one thing we did buy was this weird "Recycle Trash Bin" game (sold by the Vienna garbage management department). We'll show it in a future post. It was just too...random and awesome to pass up.

Oliver was really excited to feed the sheep. It was a little unnerving filling his hand with food and letting them all come chomping at him, but we were careful. Oliver was "baaaaa"ing at the "Sheepies".

More sheep. Sheep are Oliver's favorite farm animal. Elora didn't trust the whole "stick my hand in front of the wildly chomping animal thing". Oliver is a boy, so he doesn't know any better. Our thought process goes like... "Fun --> Dangerous? --> Fun! --> Must Do It!"

Here we are in the cold cold snow moving into the next smelly animal pen. This day was extremely cold!

Elora didn't want to feed the animals, but she was excited to look at them.

Oliver was happy to run from pen to pen and see what was next. Here are the evil goats. They were very large, and it seemed like they were going to jump out of the pen at us. We didn't let Oliver feed these.


The fresh snow was very beautiful.

Here is Elora's cute smile. She got excited because she saw some baby pigs next to the mama pig. She said they were boars because they were hairy.

Cute and tasty!

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