22 December 2010

Christmas Market Heidelberg

On the way home from Frankfurt we decided to take a slight detour in the old city of Heidelberg to see the old town square Christmas markets. Here is Oliver showing great interest in all the grilled hotdogs and sausages.

The kids standing in front of the ice skating rink with castle ruins up on the hill in the background. Oliver and Elora really wanted to go ice skating, but we didn't have that much time as Vienna was still 6-7 hours away!

The old town was very quaint, especially with the picturesque ruins in the background and the Christmas decorations everywhere. Elora and Oliver were very excited... at first. Eventually the rainy cold weather got to them and their excitement turned to agitation.

Here we are in front of the church. This whole area was destroyed in WW2 and the inside of the church is pretty spartan as a result.

To help cheer the kids up we gave them a ride on the carousel. Oliver decided to hop in the car with this other little girl who also spoke English. Like a typical boy on his first date, he didn't say a word and avoided eye contact the entire time!

Elora was cruising in style in her pink Cadillac. 

Unfortunately, it's impossible to get Oliver (and to a lesser extent, Elora) away from a carousel once he's been on it once. So we had to resort to bribery of the best kind - Belgian Waffle Bribery!

It worked!

Karen threatened to throw a fit if she didn't get a waffle was chocolate sauce and whipped cream as well.

More walking down the old streets. By this point Elora was getting a little grumpy again. It was nearing nap time and so we turned around and headed back to the car for the long drive.

But not before getting some Hot Chocolate (& a souvenir mug) on the way back! I have to say, the overpriced hot chocolate you buy at these places is just not cutting it now that we buy the expensive Caotina stuff from Switzerland. We're going to miss it... No not this stuff. This stuff! (ok, her mug is labeled wrong, but she's drinking the good stuff)

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