29 November 2010


The beautiful fall weather has left us, but we don't mind because it started snowing over the weekend! Here is Elora and Oliver hanging their hands out the window to catch the first snowflakes of the season. As you can see, they are SO excited about the snow. The first thing they asked about was if they could go skiing. The first day it snowed there wasn't enough for skiing or sledding, but we did go out in the yard to play.

Oliver with the beginnings of a whole bunch of baby snowmen. We couldn't pack the snow very well, so no big snowman yet this year...

It was a beautiful sunny day and we really enjoyed being outside. No wind, and not too cold. Perfect for running around outside with the kids. Chris ended up bringing out the sled too, just to pull the kids around the yard. Elora and Oliver love being pulled on the sled (all fun, no work or hills to climb!)

Even Marion braved the outdoors, and... she fell asleep almost the minute we got outside. So in a way I guess she enjoyed the snow too!

Our happy little snow angel.

And of course there was a lot of snow to eat.

Oliver was not too crazy about the mittens, but he realized the need for them after picking up some snow with his bare hands. Then he was a happy camper running around after his big sister.

Here is our small attempt at a family photo. We bribed Oliver with cookies to get him to sit with us. He was over the gloves and hood by this point and starting to get a little cold.

Chris made a whole bunch of snowballs and put them in a pile for the kids to use. I convinced them that Daddy was a really good target since Mommy was holding Marion. They had a great time throwing snow at him! We hope for a lot more snow to keep coming (along with some sunny not so cold days to go out and enjoy it...)

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