22 November 2010

Schonbrunn in the Fall + McCafe

The day before Marion was born, we went for a walk at the Schonbrunn to enjoy all the beautiful fall leaves. Oliver and Karen rode the bus, while I walked from my apartment with Nana and Elora.

Oliver at his favorite duck pond, looking for fishies.

This was the last day the labyrinth was open for the season, so we decided to take the kids one last time. It is sad to think of all our "lasts" - last day at the zoo, last time through the maze, last trip to the museum, etc... Maybe the kids realized it was their last time at the maze because they made every wrong turn at least three times.

And then it was off to the playground for a ride on the coolest teeter totters ever. They don't make them like this in the USA.

Oliver loves the teeter totter. Notice Karen in the background fielding a phone call, "No, no baby yet..."

Elora on a big rope climbing contraption. When we first moved here she was intrigued by it, but scared to climb it. Now she can climb all the way up to the top.

More fun with the silly mirrors. This was the day of the bullet/bazoomba belly photos.

Oliver was having a great time. Not only did he find a door, but a door with mirrors. The man who owns Elora's ballet studio noted that he will be a concierge when he grows up because he always runs to open the door for people who are coming and going from the studio... Door man, bus driver, whatever makes him happy!

One last time jumping on the bouncing boards.

Oliver is such a musical little guy. Here he is jumping on the tanzglockenspiel - or dance chimes. He loves to sing, bang on walls in time to music, hit his pacifiers on his crib in time to his singing, and dance all over the place.

The Schonbrunn is so beautiful to walk around. I'm glad we got to spend a day here together before the winter weather sets in.

Look at all those leaves. The kids loved it, but I can't imagine having to rake it all up.

Then it was off to McDonalds. How cute are the kids sitting together?

Nana kept asking us to go to McDonalds, she really loves this place. Here she is in the playplace showing us her basketball skills.

This McCafe near our house has the coolest playplace. There is a bike riding video game, a basketball hoop, and an American Gladiator style obstacle course, complete with timer so you can try to beat your best time. Apparently they are trying to help the children burn off some of the calories from their chicken nuggets... Our kids think it is great and love playing here.

Ollie shooting hoops with me. They have a regular hoop, and this hoop that Oliver prefers because he likes to see the basketballs rolling down the conveyor belt.

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