27 November 2010

Marionette Theater

I have been wanting to take the kids to see a show at the Marionette Theater at the Schonbrunn ever since we moved here. Our friend Jessica said she had really wanted to go as well, so we headed out to see The Magic Flute. The kids were so excited to go see a "Puppet Show".

We stopped by the Christmas Market at the Schonbrunn before the show started. Jessica bought lollypops for everyone - which equals very excited children.

Elora and Oliver chatting about how good their lollypops taste, and sharing all the lollypops to check out the different flavors.

Elora outside the Marionette Theater. I wasn't sure if this would be fun for the kids or not since the Magic Flute is in German, but the kids version was only an hour and I figured since the kids love music that they might enjoy the show.

You aren't supposed to take pictures inside the theater, so here is Jessica with the kids posing by one of the puppets in the lobby. We all loved the show! Oliver sat on my lap captivated through the entire thing, and Elora asked Jessica lots of questions which means that she was paying close attention. Oliver was especially a fan of the "princess", and by the end of the play the kids both knew the names of the main characters. Wow, apparently we are breeding some opera fans.

Here is the Schonbrunn at night. I love this market, there is always music playing, and it looks so beautiful all lit up at night.

The kids and Jessica. Jessica will be moving soon, so we are very happy that we got to enjoy the market and puppet show with her. Ever since we saw The Magic Flute, the kids talk excitedly about Jessica and the puppet show every time we pass by the Schonbrunn. They have repeatedly asked to see the show again!

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