26 November 2010

Marion Meets Grandma!

A friend of ours is letting us borrow a swing for Marion. Here she is trying it out for the first time. I am not sure she knows what to think of this one yet! Maybe when she is bigger. Elora and Oliver love it though and always tell me to put Marion in the swing. It is very interesting trying to help Oliver understand that Marion does not need anyone to push the swing for her.

Grandma arrived this week to spend some time with Marion. The kids are so excited to have her here with them.

And Marion likes having another person to hold her since she prefers to be held ALL THE TIME!

Little Oliver loves having his picture taken so that he can look at them on the camera. I had to keep reminding him that I have to take his picture before there are any pictures on the camera to look at. So he obligingly posed and was so incredibly cute!

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