09 November 2010

Marion is home from the hospital

We visited Marion and Karen in the hospital every day, for about an hour or until the kids got on the nerves of the grumpy nurse staff.  Elora and Ollie were always thrilled to go and visit. Every morning they'd ask to see "baby Sister" and every evening before bed they'd ask to see their baby sister again.
Here's Karen enjoying here hospital meals. Every morning she had a choice of various types of bread and butter or jam, yogurt, hot chocolate. Every other day for dinner, she got bread with a packet of lunch meat and a packet of cheese. The other days she had Turkey Schnitzel, Soup, and Apfel Radln - these tasty fried apples with sauce we blogged about while skiing last year. Lunch was the big meal of the day where they always had Goulash or Schnitzel, soup, apple sauce, potatoes, and some kind of cake for dessert.

Overall, she would give the food at the hospital a 7 out of 10, which is pretty good. She was a big fan of the bread and yogurt.

Finally, on Saturday we got to bring Marion and Karen home. Here we are getting all bundled up for the walk home.
It was a really nice day, and the hospital is about a mile walk home. So we just walked and rested every now and then. Karen was/is still feeling pretty tired and sore, so we went slowly. And stopped to enjoy the windy sunshine.
The kids were waiting patiently at home. We told them we Marion came home she would have a present for them. They each got a little baby doll, complete with diapers, bottle, etc. so they can play with them. Our friend Brooke gave them a talking ABC fridge magnet set. That has definitely been the favorite!
But here is Ollie with his baby. Ollie likes to feed his baby with the sippy cup, while Elora ties her baby up with toys and strings and blankets. Very motherly.
And we were only home for 2 days before we needed to go get the birth certificate (and wait in various lines and waiting rooms in the process) and then go to the US consulate and wait a bunch to get her passport application started. But here is Marion's passport photo she'll get to have for the next 5 years. All for the low price of 205 dollars plus shipping just so we can return home with her. Thanks Uncle Sam!

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