25 October 2010


The kids decided they wanted to have a big swordfight, and since the weather last week was actually pretty nice, we went outside for the battle.

Elora prefers the battle ax as her weapon of choice, and we had to spend some time discussing the appropriate way to hold it so she wouldn't hurt herself (or daddy)... She was defending the princess (mommy) from the daddy dragon and she takes this duty rather seriously!

She is also sporting her quiver of crossbow arrows. Sadly, no pics of the crossbow action since I couldn't take pics and help the kids string the crossbow at the same time. Daddy volunteered to be the target and I didn't really want that job.

Oliver dropped his shield in favor of wielding two swords. Why have one when you can have two?

Oliver loved this game! He had a great time running all over the yard fighting with daddy.

Until he decided to climb the big tree in the yard, and then that occupied him for the rest of the morning! He loves this tree and obviously is not scared of heights, because he loves sitting up in it.

We tried to take a cute pic of the kids up in the tree, but as you can see Elora was not thrilled about being stuck up in a tree... she was convinced she would fall even if someone was holding her. Oliver is telling her to say "cheese!"

Oliver hugging his favorite tree.

And kissing his tree...

The best part is when he gets to jump into daddy's arms. Then he has daddy help him climb right back up into the tree again. He is such a little monkey.

When it was time to head inside for lunch, daddy gathered up the weaponry... We are getting quite a collection!

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