26 October 2010

Sewing Projects

A friend of mine gave me a whole bag of fabric, which I could have chosen to ignore seeing that I am very pregnant and sewing is not as easy as it used to be... but I found some fabric that I loved and decided to load up on baby sewing projects for the last few weeks of the pregnancy. I am now finished with my three projects and onto helping a friend sew a bridesmaid dress...

This is by far the fabric that inspired me to sew the most, I loved all the cute little characters and wanted to make something really special with it. So here is a huge quilt that the new little one can enjoy for years to come!

I had a bunch of scraps of cute bright fabric, so I looked up an easy quilt on the internet to make with scraps. Oliver actually really likes this little blanket and may end up stealing it soon...

And the baby had no bed as of yet, and a friend of mine suggested I might be able to make a travel bed... so I got out more fabric and some foam we had randomly sitting around the house and set out to create my own pattern for a baby travel bed. The sides drop down so that it can be a play mat, or it can be folded up fairly small to be put in a suitcase while traveling. This project still needs a mattress, so today we headed out to find a fabric store only to realize it was an Austrian holiday and everything was closed. Sigh. Maybe we can finish it tomorrow!

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  1. Karen- It turned out great. Maybe I need that pattern just to have a fold up travel bed. I'm so glad that it worked out for you.


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