29 October 2010

Preschool Volcanoes

Elora and her friend Ellie are not enrolled in school this year, so Ellie's mom and I decided to have a little preschool activity day together once a week with the girls, and our younger kidlets too. The last time it was our turn Elora insisted we learn about volcanoes. She was so determined that I spent tons of time looking up ideas for how to teach preschoolers about volcanoes...

We ended up making our own volcanoes out of toilet paper rolls, tin foil, and playdough. Very good fun. Then I filled my volcano with baking soda and red vinegar. The kids found this very amusing, and each took several turns making the volcano erupt.

Later we let Elora paint her volcano. She was so excited to decorate it with "purple rocks" and "lots of red hot lava".

We also gave her some glitter to sparkle on it - fire is pretty shiny, right? She thought this was fantastic. She is fascinated with volcanoes right now, and frequently plays a game with Oliver where "lava crocodiles" are trying to eat them and they have to get off the carpet where the lava is. Not sure where the crocodiles came in, but I am so glad that we get to have our fun preschool activities together. She loves learning new things and it has been fun to watch the kids learn together.

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