01 October 2010

Laxemburg Castle

A few weeks ago we went to check out Laxemburg Castle. It is just outside of Vienna on a lake.

Here is a church in the little town of Laxemburg. We couldn't go inside, but the outside and the surrounding town was very beautiful to walk around.

On the castle grounds, we stopped by a fountain and hoped Oliver wouldn't fall in...

The gardens are huge and there weren't many signs telling us which way to the castle, so we just wandered around. There were huge beautiful trees, and multiple winding paths. The kids liked walking around the beautiful gardens.

There is also a playground which was a necessary stop once Oliver had seen it! The kids had a great time climbing around.

Oliver driving the motorcycle, towing his sister along in the sidecar.

And Daddy decided to go for a ride too.

Oliver couldn't quite get the idea on this rope... Luckily Daddy has very strong leg and arm muscles.... I think Oliver preferred getting up this way.

It's always amazing how many people can go down a slide at the same time... just pile on some kids and away we go!

I'm pretty sure we could have just gone to the playground for Oliver to be happy... but there was a castle waiting somewhere in the forest, so we headed off to find it.

While wandering, we heard the sound of a waterfall and went to check it out. We found this neat bridge. Oliver hung out on a bench watching the waterfall. He was fascinated by it and didn't want to leave.

Elora the princess, standing in front of the beautiful bridge.

We found this cool bridge while wandering too. It went up really high over a ravine. The grounds here were so awesome to explore.

Here we are at the castle. Oliver found a train of ants leading into the castle, and stood staring at them for a long time. This was super exciting for him. Elora kept asking us where they were going. We followed the trail of ants and it led us right through the castle gate.

There is a tour, but it is only once a day and we had missed it. We opted to go explore the grounds some more. Here we are following the trail of ants back out of the castle.

We walked around the lake to get a view of the other side of the castle. It turns out you can rent boats too, and also take a ferry out on the lake. We didn't have time since we had been wandering around the forest for a few hours by this point... Next time! We found another trail back to the entrance to the gardens, and figured out that we had walked the longest possible way to the castle. Ha ha... they need better signs at the entrance! But we enjoyed the exploring, it is a really beautiful place.

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