21 October 2010

Lainzer Tiergarten

There is a nice forest near our house that we like to go walking in. In the forest is a beautiful little place called Hermesvilla that has a museum inside that I have been wanting to see, so I looked up the times it was open and we set out on a walk into the forest last week to check out the museum before it closes for the winter.

Here is Oliver showing us how he skis... he hasn't actually figured out the correct stance yet, but he was so proud of himself!

Note Oliver in the background skiing again. The forest is so beautiful right now with some of the leaves changing colors, but the trees still covered in green leaves too.

The forest is quite large with hiking and walking paths all throughout. It is a nice place to go to forget I live in a city for a little while... and there is Oliver skiing again.

It has been getting pretty cold as you can tell by the kids being all bundled up. But the sun peaked through the clouds some of the time making it a beautiful day to be outside as long as we were covered in layers of clothing!

Here is a funny little mushroom we found. Elora loves hunting for mushrooms in the forest and is really good at spotting all the different kinds. We have also found wild blackberries in the forest - gotta love that!

Stopping by the sign to make sure we head the right way!

Here is an interesting sculpture just outside the Hermesvilla.

After walking all that way we found out that the museum didn't open until 1pm today. It was supposed to open at 10am and we showed up around 10:30... it was too cold to hang out in the forest for hours, so no museum for us. I was super disappointed as I have really wanted to check out this particular museum, and being rather pregnant I don't think I am up to hiking all the way back to the museum a different day...

Oliver had a great time checking out all the fountains though, and the grounds and forest were still beautiful. I'm glad we got to spend one more family day hiking around here before the baby comes, it really is a beautiful place.

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