27 October 2010

Karen's Big (late) 29th Birthdayfest

Yes, I know my birthday is in September. But we never got around to celebrating, and if we wanted to have a party before the baby comes and I become germ-o-phobic mom, we were sort of running out of time. So Chris sent out a huge invite to everyone we know, and we had a party last Saturday - with as usual, an amazing amount of people in our tiny apartment!

This does not do the crowd justice. The best part was everyone pitching in to cook. Our tiny kitchen had about 8-10 people in it (not me!) preparing our favorite Napali food Momo, a selection of bratwursts, rolls, and slow cooked ribs. It's really all about the meat! The only food/party prep I did was to slice some carrot sticks... awesome. In this pic from left to right: Me, Om, Sarita, Krystin, Jason, Richard, and Everton totally trying to get out of the picture.

Plate O Meat!

More people! The kids all had a great time too, Elora had her little friends Grace, Ethan, Theo, Luke, and Baby Audrey there.

Chris made me an Austrian flag cake, and it was incredibly tasty. I was especially grateful for the one candle - this is the first year I have been able to blow out my candles since I was about 12!

Time for the big belly to play our new favorite party game - cake and ice cream pong.

It got pretty intense! Especially because we made everyone play before they were allowed to eat any dessert! We had such a great time having so many friends over, and best of all many friends hung around to help clean up. Thanks everyone for giving me such a special (very late!) birthday bash!

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