30 October 2010

Halloween where are thou?

We invited some friend over tonight for a turkey roll bonanza. Turkey breast sliced up, filled with stuffing, rolled up, and wrapped in bacon. Yummmm.

Then we decided since it was halloween tomorrow and no one trick or treats in this area we would have trick or treating inside the apartment. Karen and I talked before about giving candy to all of our neighbors and asking them to give it to the kids when they knocked on their doors. But we didn't want to be "those Americans....".

So we decided to do it inside of our apartment with some of our friends. Fortunately, we have a lot of doors in this little apartment. Om was in the bedroom. One of the missionaries was in Elora's room. Sarita was in the kitchen. Nana (grandma) was in the toilet room, John was in the closet, Chris was in the showeroom, and another missionary was in the living room. Then the kids took turns running through the hallway knocking on doors and saying, "Trick or Treat!"

The missionaries really got into the role playing, commenting on the kid's costumes. Sarita was too, as she said, "See you next year." and then "Has a year gone by so fast?" when the kids returned.

Everyone had enough candy in their bowl for the kids to make a few "visits" at each door.

Nana had the best place of course, being in the toilet closet.

John's was almost as good in the coffin-sized closet filled with all the junk we just toss in there. We were wondering what he was thinking of us..."Crazy Americans... they gave me a bowl of candy, stuck me in a closet and then had their kids knock on the door asking for candy!"

Oliver was thrilled with the lollie pops and candy corns.

Lots of fun with Om and Elder Varney in the background.

Ollie horked down his candy in just a few minutes, while Elora savored hers for a half an hour or so.

And then they played with Om's iphone. Om has made it his mission in life to download every loud and annoying ipod app that the kids could be interested in.

Then we had an elephant battle. Here's a video clip of the kids going "trick or treater" in the hallway.

Ever since Ollie got a taste of this trick or treat thing at the halloween party a couple weeks ago he's been walking around with a bucket saying, "Trick or treat". We think Halloween is his new favorite holiday. We expect to hear "trick or treat" for the next few weeks until he figures out that phrase doesn't automatically reward him with candy. But Christmas is right around the corner...

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