09 October 2010

General Conference with the kids

General Conference weekend was fun. Oliver and Elora already love to listen to little talks, stories and hymns thanks to these videos. But since conference is a bit longer, we decided to make it fun. First we built a little tent for the kids to sit in as we watched the broadcast.

Then we gave both Oliver and Elora their own bowl of M&Ms. But the rule was, they could not eat an M&M until they heard someone say either the word "family" or "love". It was quite impressive to see both of them patiently holding a bowl of candy, filled with the anticipation of eating just one at a time.

It took quite awhile until the candy-words came up. But then all the waiting paid off. Here is Elora showing she is listening with her ears. They were especially happy when the song, "As I have loved you, love one another" was sung. By the end of that one, all the candy was gone!

And check out Oliver during the intermission hymn. He was pretty happy to get up and dance for every song. And the best part is, at the end of the video, he returns right to his seat and starts listening again. What a sweetie. There is something about this 40 second video clip that just sums up how wonderful and how much we love little Ollie. Dancing around with his blanket and toys.

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