16 October 2010

AIS Halloween Party

Halloween is not really celebrated in Austria, but the American International School always has a little carnival for the kids a few weeks before Halloween. Since the baby is due around Halloween and I figured we won't be trekking far to go trick or treating, we decided to go to the little carnival.

We met up at our friends' house before the carnival. Here is Ollie dressed as Prince Ali Ababa (he named himself Prince Ollie A Ba Ba after he saw Aladdin the first time) with our friend Ellie dressed as Minne Mouse.

Elora in her pretty Princess clothes, with Oliver and Super Mario in the background. We love Mario's mustache.

We tried to get a picture of all the kids, but this was the best we could do... Oliver, Charlotte (Little Red Riding Hood, who didn't want to wear her cape!), Elora, Zach, and Ellie.

We tried to explain to Oliver that he would have to say trick or treat and then people would give him candy. He replied, "No candy. Just lolly pops. Lolly pops, and chocolate. And gummies." Particular little guy. But here is his sweet face just after he said trick or treat for the first time and the nice man gave him... a Lolly pop!

He was pretty much done after getting his lollypop. Here he is with Charlotte, both pulling out their candy instead of heading out for more candy... we finally convinced Oliver to continue, but he didn't want to put any of the candy in his bag, he just wanted to hold it all in his hand.

Inside the carnival were little games. Here is Elora's favorite, shooting the bow and arrow. Of course. She went back twice more to shoot again.

Our excited little princess after she got a prize from the arrow shoot. These carnivals are so crazy and packed with people, not really my favorite events... but that little face makes it worth it.

And the kids favorite activity of the evening? Chasing Curious George around the room. Ethan is the little monkey, and Elora, Oliver and Grace are always pretending Ethan is a monster who needs to be chased or run away from. I am not sure Ethan understands what game they are playing, but the kids sure did have fun running, and running, and running...

More Grace and Elora running, but the best part of this picture is Grace's dad Scott in the background in his awesome ski suit costume.

Ethan and Oliver taking a break.

Here was Oliver's favorite game, fishing for ducks. He played for quite awhile, and was so pleased whenever he caught one.

Here is Oliver trying his very first fun dip. I didn't even know they still made fun dip, but the kids each got some as a prize at one of the booths. Oliver thought it was pretty awesome stuff.

Elora got her face painted. She was so excited when she saw they had face painting, she ran right up and asked for a big butterfly. She was very disappointed when I told her at home that we had to wash it off, she wanted to leave it on "forever!"

As we waited for the train, Chris thought it would be good fun to dump fun dip sugar all over Oliver's rice cake. Oliver thought it was a pretty tasty idea too! He licked all the sugar until he was just left with a blue rice cake to eat... Yum.


  1. Are they Muslims and if not where did they get their clothes

  2. They are not, but actually we had a friend who brought them from Afghanistan.


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