18 September 2010

Zoo with Friends

I know, we go to the zoo a lot. But the weather has been pretty good for going outside, and my zoo pass is going to expire soon... so we are trying to enjoy the zoo as much as possible!

We went with our friends Ellie, Charlotte, Luke, and Baby Audrey. Quite the crowd of little ones. It was a fun day, with lots of chasing small children going on! This is Oliver's new favorite spot in the zoo - the big turtle shell! He loves turtles, and thinks it is so neat to go inside this one.

When walking to the Orangutan habitat, there are life size animals all along the walls, which the kids like to look at. Oliver was excited to see the Giraffe (one of his new favorite animals) but I like this picture because of Elora in the background! She was just a little excited to be running around outside.

Oliver is about the same height as a penguin these days.

There is a playground near the Orangutans where we spent most of our zoo visit. Oliver liked pulling on these ropes.

Elora and Ellie got very brave and tried to cross this interesting bridge. I was impressed that Elora made it almost all the way across because the little platforms move... it is actually much harder than it looks!

Little monkeys everywhere!

The favorite game of the day was "racing" back and forth along this wooden walkway. You can see that the girls were in the lead, with Luke and Oliver running behind.

Oliver has a new favorite - Ellie! He was following her around and giving big hugs.

I love watching all the kids hold hands! So cute and the added benefit of knowing where at least three of the children are!

Here are Oliver and Luke hanging out at the top of the elephant. I can't believe Oliver can actually go up and down all by himself. He is quite the adventurer and needs a lot of supervision...

The girls decided to join in the fun!

The hippos were outside today, and the kids were excited to be able to see them. Usually you just see their eyes and ears poking up out of the water. Oliver learned a new word - "Hipfo!" Very cute. We love having little friends we can meet up with during this nice fall weather!


  1. UH, that hippo is amazing! I thought it was a statue, LOL. WOW. What cute kids, do you know what you are having this time? When are you due?

  2. Krista! We are having a girl. It is due Oct 28th, and with my luck it will be born in November... What about you?!?

  3. we aren't due until March 3rd! So I've got a LONG while left :) I hope ours is a girl too. Do you have any names? Oliver was one of mine and you got it first, LOL ;) Greg wouldn't even consider it... HAHAHA so I want to play it safe this time :)

  4. Ha ha, sorry about stealing names. Luckily we got Oliver first though or he wouldn't have had a name since Chris and I didn't agree on any other names... We haven't really picked a name yet for our baby. We have some thoughts, but I don't like to share when I don't know yet for some reason... What if I change my mind? So nothing set yet, although Elora insists we name her Tina because that it the name of her baby Teddy bear. Funny...


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