09 September 2010

New Skis!

It is not ski season yet, but we found Elora an awesome pair of used pink skis for her to use this year and maybe next year too. Here she is posing like a ski champion with her new beloved skis.

As you can see, she is super excited about skiing this year, and has already started asking when the snow is going to start. She thanked me every day for two weeks after I brought her new skis home.

Elora graciously told Oliver he could have her old skis, and he is thrilled! He loves skiing, and is excited to learn to ski on his own this year. Elora has told him all about ski school, and she is so happy that Oliver gets to go to ski school with her this year. Oliver didn't even want to take his skis off after trying them on, he wanted to wear them to ski around the house, and kept asking why we had to put them away... Looks like we will have another skiing kid in the family.

Here is the happy skiing crew. We are hoping for lots of snow at the park this year so we can get the kids back into skiing before we head off for a ski week sometime in January. And if the weather trend continues here in Austria, we will be starting to have snow next week I think... it already feels like winter and Elora asks every day when she will get to build a snow man!

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  1. i can't wait fot the snow and all your awesome photos!


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