24 October 2010

Music Time

The kids love music. A day doesn't go by without Oliver standing in front of the computer begging us to play some music. He's so obssessive he even wants to see the media player... just to look at the icon thumbnail for each song. To prevent his compulsive behavior, we try to direct him away from just staring at the screen. Musical instruments usually do the trick. Look how adorably happy he is marching around with the drum set.

Here's Elora doing her funny dance with Dirty Teddy and a sock on her hand. She's been putting socks on her hands lately. It's either too cold in our apartment or she's just weird.

The little drummer boy. He was marching back and forth in the hall. His new favorite thing is to take turns with Elora "leading" the music. He stands in front of everyone, holds up his arm and starts waving his hand around like a conductor while singing -- and insisting that everyone else sing along too!

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