28 September 2010

Meat!! Cheap meat market prices in Vienna

So we found this wholesale meat market in Vienna. It's in an industrial park, located next to the restaurant and beverage distribution warehouses. It's a real wholesale market, not one of the ones that pretends to be with low prices. They have huge docking bays, with lots of shipping trucks around to make deliveries to the stores and restaurants in Vienna. The place is called F-Eins and there are some super cheap prices. Boneless skinless chicken breast is 7-8 euro a kilo in the supermarket (that's about $6 a pound). We got it here for 5 euro a kilo. And if you buy it sliced/chopped so it doesn't have to be the complete breast it was 2 euro a kilo! To top it off, it was all fresher than what's in the shop because they are cutting up the meat right here before sending it on for retail.

Tons of other meat and great prices. This picture is of me, proudly showing off our receipt for about 25 pounds of meat, which we had to cram into our tiny little ice box.

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  1. We are looking forward to going too. I have my coupon all ready and space in my freezer.


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