03 September 2010


My friend Andrea invited us to come to a meeting of the Vienna Babies Club. We hung out at a super nice park that I have been wanting to go to. Here is Oliver playing in the sand with his friend Theo. I enjoyed meeting some new people, and Elora loved having new kids to play with.

After the meeting we went over to the University because they were having a little activity week for kids. It was so fun! They had painting easels outside, and both the kids were so happy to paint pictures. Here is Elora painting a beautiful flower. She is getting really good at painting and drawing and we love to see all of her creations.

I wasn't sure Oliver would like the painting, but he thought it was great! It must be that he was allowed to stand up and was outside, and was holding his own cup of paint. He actually stayed and painted for a really long time. I think I need to invest in an easel for the kids to paint...

Elora with her almost finished painting!

There was also a water station where the kids could play with cups and buckets. A big hit on this hot summer day.

Elora especially liked this section where the water ran out into a little pool.

In fact she liked it so much that she jumped right in the pool with all the toy ducks. Oliver followed soon after.

A great way to cool off! I love it when we find these great activities in Vienna. There are actually quite a few fun activity days all around the city in the summer time, and it is always exciting when we find one!

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