27 September 2010

Karen's Pregnancy Portraits

Although Karen has a lot of growing left to do with 30 more days of
pregnancy fun, we figured it was time to do some belly portraits while
she could still stand up and smile at the same time.

Vote for your favorite Karen!

Bakery Karen, whose motto is, "If it's got chocolate cream or vanilla pudding inside, it's gotta be good. Even better if it's got both!"

Church-going Karen, whose motto is, "Naktfuss und Schwanger in die Kirche"

Swiss Chocolate Karen, whose motto is, "I only pretend to like skiing in the Alps so I can hang out in the hutte, hork down lots of swiss chocolate, Kaiserschmarren, and hot chocolate before wobbling back down the slopes."


  1. I vote- swiss chocolalte Karen, But i think the photo should show the wobbling. xo *winter

  2. No fair, Photoshopped pic's

  3. The waddling is pretty fun to watch. And as for the photoshop, only the backgrounds are fake, the rest is all 100% genuine Karen belly.

  4. You guys are so funny, and definitely swiss chocolate Karen, and these pictures made me hungry!

  5. Um, this is AMAZING. I vote for all of them!! Please make this the next Selleck Waterfall Sandwich meme. It's fantastic.


  6. i like church going karen, but it's hard to choose - they are all so different! =)


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