19 September 2010

Finger Painting

With all the rain we have had this summer and fall, we have been exploring new inside games. Today we tried out finger painting! Elora was sure about it at first, but she got the hang of it pretty quick!

Here she is smiling and writing her name.

And finger painting quickly turned into hand painting...

Oliver thought it looked like so much fun he wanted to join in too! He loved mixing all the colors on his hand and just looking at the front and back of his hand before putting it on the paper.

The kids each painted many pretty pictures for us to decorate our apartment with. Elora was also excited to learn that if she mixed all the paint together it made gray. And Oliver learned that if you clap your hands when there is paint on them, paint sprays everywhere.

We eventually got out the paintbrushes, which Oliver mostly used to paint himself. It was a fun and very messy way to spend the afternoon, and the fun continued with lots of splashing in a warm bathtub in an attempt to clean off all the paint!

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