06 September 2010

Family Pictures

We have been wanting to take family pictures for awhile now, so when the weather was sunny for a few weeks we got the kids ready in their cute Austrian clothes, and headed over to the Schonbrunn to take some pics!

The funny thing about our kids is that they love looking at cameras that use a timer. The red blinking light must be mesmerizing. Oliver especially - so he looks the cutest out of everyone I think.

Here is our beautiful Austrian princess, who loves to show off her dress!

I don't think there is anything cuter than a little boy in lederhosen! Oliver loves wearing them because he gets so many compliments from people.

We tried to get some pics of the kids together, which turned out to be the hardest part of the day! But they do love each other and had fun playing together, even if we didn't really get pics of them both looking at the camera at the same time!

They love this fountain. Elora was showing Oliver some of the statues. She likes to teach her brother about new things.

Elora loves flowers and enjoyed throwing these rose petals. I love Oliver's mischievious little face in this picture!

This pretty much sums up life at our house - Elora is over the top excited about everything she does, with Oliver giggling alongside her! They are so fun to be with, and remind us of all the little things we should be excited about!

This beautiful "rose tunnel" as Elora calls it, was a favorite place for the kids to run back and forth.

They are so sweet, and love to take care of each other (usually...)

Mommy and Elora sharing a quiet moment with the flowers.

Mommy and the little baby belly (these were taken a couple months ago...) Pretty soon we will need new family pictures again. But it was fun to take the kids out and capture some memories from our favorite spot in Vienna.


  1. Seriously beautiful photos. The whole family looks great - and your kids look so cute and so happy.

  2. you guys are the CUTEST! I have a pair of lederhosen my parents got Zac in Switzerland. I LOVE them, I may need to have you guys pick up another pair so there are some when he out grows these. Boys are so adorable in them :)


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