23 September 2010

Elora Starts Ballet!

Elora's friend Grace asked if we would like to join a new ballet class - so we headed off for our free trial lesson to see if it would be something Elora was interested in. Look at all these cute little princesses!

I was only allowed to watch the first ten minutes while the girls were warming up, but Elora was having such a great time! She was so excited to try and follow her teacher's example.

And here is the cute man who plays the piano for the class. The teacher and piano player are both so sweet with the children. After class Elora came running out to me and said, "I love ballet class! I want to come again!" So we signed her up and after two more classes she still says she loves to dance. In fact, she is so excited that she wears her ballet shoes around the house almost every day, and when I bought her a leotard she insisted on trying it on that very second. I hope she doesn't wear out her ballet clothes in the next month...

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