29 September 2010

Cinnabon tastes like America

We heard there was a Cinnamon in the Vienna SCS (shopping mall) a few weeks ago, so we decided to make a special trip. You know you're desperate for some gooey American flavored goodness when you go way on the outskirts of the city just to get a cinnamon roll.

Ollie and Elora were pretty excited. And we didn't even give them the good stuff. Just some little cinnabon sticks for them.

After spending like 9 dollars on two cinnamon rolls, which we horked down in about 4 minutes, we decided to double down and spend 20 dollars on 4 more to take home! Here we are proudly showing off our cinnamon rolls in front of the German advertising sign encouraging us to "Enjoy the sweet moments".

And yes, that is a pregnant lady showing off her cinnabon box. Classic.

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