17 September 2010


Due to my continuing lack of computer, the blogging is a bit behind. A few weeks ago we went to the aquarium with Daddy - a very special treat for everyone!

Oliver has never pet the fish before, he always chickens out! This time he let one suck on his finger which made him giggle, but he was all done petting the fish after that. Elora loves touching bugs, fish, snails, whatever - Oliver is a little more cautious about such things.

Chris was watching these lizards and wondering why they were all just standing around - until he noticed that they all have assumed a defensive position in a circle around the entrance to their underground home. They were are always standing around looking alert - apparently they still think some prey might be trying to attack their home!

The monkeys were down low where we could get a good view of them today. Oliver was so happy to see the monkey. Here he is pointing at it when he first saw it hiding in the tree.

And then he reached out to pet its tail saying, "soft! Soft!" He was so excited. It was a fun day at the aquarium.

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