26 August 2010

Sweaty Kids

These pics are old, but so worth posting. In July we had a few weeks of the hottest weather most Viennese people have ever experienced, with no rain to break it up like we usually get. There is no air conditioning here, unless you go hang out in the freezer section of the grocery store, and even that isn't really cold... Plus they don't believe in ice or cold drinks here, so there is very little you can do to find relief from the super hot weather.

One night at dinner the kids were especially sweaty so we took some pics. Oliver's hair gets curly when he is hot and sweaty, it is so cute and funny!

Poor sweaty Elora. We started to eat in the living room because it is super hot in the kitchen after cooking... To the kids credit, they did not seem to mind the heat as much as we adults did, they just requested ice cream and popsicles a lot more often.

More cute Ollie hair. When we stop living somewhere with humidity I will have to finally cut his hair since it won't be curly anymore, but as long as it keeps curling I don't want to chop off his cute curly locks!

Chris had some fun messing up Oliver's hair on the way to church. It's pretty amusing to see what hairstyles you can give him when he is sweaty.

We made popsicles for the kids out of chocolate pudding using some little popsicle makers we got at the store. This was a very popular treat during the heat wave... except for our random little boy Oliver who chose to eat plain yogurt and left his popsicle on the table. Only when the yogurt was gone did he move on to the yummy frozen chocolate goodness, strange child.

Elora with brain freeze!

When Oliver does eat popsicles, he says, "COLD!" and does this awesome little brain freeze dance. So funny.

And another of Oliver's little quarks. He stopped eating apples awhile back, and I finally figured out it was because he didn't like the skin... so I did what I swore I never would and started peeling his apples because at least then he would eat some fruit! Today I had a container of apples, half peeled for Oliver, half not peeled for Elora. Oliver pulled out one with skin and said, "No skin." (I don't want skin). So I told him to get a different one. Instead he ate off the skin and then proudly held up the apple and announced, "No skin!"

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