16 August 2010

Schonbrunn Strudel Show & Karlsplatz w/ Grandma

Chris decided to stay home with the kids in the morning so they could actually get a proper nap time, so I took my mom over to the Schonbrunn to see the Apple Strudel Show. While we waited for the show to start, we explored some of the gardens that neither of us had seen before.

I have lived in Vienna for almost two years, and explored the Schonbrunn grounds more than any other place in Vienna - and was shocked to figure out that there was an entire half of the gardens that I have never even walked into. There is a public swimming pool, some nice fountains, and a replica of Roman Ruins that I have been trying to figure out the location of for over a year. This pond above is very similar to one where the kids and I go to feed the ducks, but this one has little gold fish in it. I am so excited to bring the kids back and show them the fish (and the much hungrier ducks since this side of the grounds is much less crowded).

Here is Grandma in front of the Roman Ruins. I really enjoyed this new discovery, and am excited to come back again on another day with more time and a better camera!

The apple strudel show is a demonstration at the cafe on the Schonbrunn grounds of how to make apple strudel. They give you a recipe and tell you some tips and tricks, and even have a hotline for you to call when you are trying to make strudel at home and have some questions. The show is pretty short, but it was very impressive to see. Here the baker is holding up the dough that he tossed in the air until it was so thin you could read words on a paper put behind it. We also got a free sample which was quite tasty.

After the show we explored the gardens a little more before heading back home.

I love all the fancy little flower beds that are planted around the grounds. We speculated on how many gardeners it takes and how many hours per day they must work to keep these grounds so perfect!

In the afternoon we headed over to Karlsplatz to show Grandma the church. It was a beautiful afternoon and the kids were excited to sit by the pool in front of the church. We decided not to go inside, and instead enjoyed the beautiful day by going to the little park that is just in front of the church. We got to enjoy the views and the kids got to play, so it was perfect!

Elora and Grandma in front of the church. Oliver opted to stay near the water instead of being in the picture. This is another of my favorite areas of Vienna.

After playing we went and got some healthy McDonalds for dinner to eat near a big fountain at Schwartzenbergplatz. The kids thought it was great. They were so sweet and played together very nicely all afternoon.

Here they are posing together in front of the fountain. They both love to look at the water and play near the fountain.

More posing near the beautiful flowers.

And of course, Oliver's favorite activity of the day was riding the bus home. He was so excited to sit by Grandma and talk to her about "Ride Bus!" and "Close Door!" and "Bus Moving!" He actually cries when we leave buses and trains. All the rest of us are so happy to get where we are going, and all Oliver wants to do is "Ride Bus!" and "Ride Choo Choo!"

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  1. We discovered those bits at Schonbrunn at the start of summer. I was amazed that I never knew there was a pool there! Mia loves going to the obelisk bit now because of the gold turtles. And, around there is where we found the old ladies feeding the squirrels.


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